Typical Installation

The Following Images are a step by step guide to install the Nite Fan

1. Remove all the components and check them for any damage that may occur in transit.
2. Locate the hose sleeve end into the fan body and ensure the two side clips click into place.
3. Locate the hose support bracket and place it between the mattress and the mattress base, at the foot of the bed, with the half circle clamp facing away from the mattress.
4. We suggest the initial installation is in the middle of the mattress, you can adjust the location to suit the requirements of cooling air flow to each side.

EzeeNites_047-001 EzeeNites_052-001

5. Draw the covers (sheets and any additional bedding) over the head of the hose and the clamp and tuck them firmly in. This will assist the flow to travel towards the head of the bed rather than escape from the bottom.
6. Insert the power supply fitting to the base unit. There are two plug sockets one for the power and the other for the control cable. Each cable is 4 meters long to allow plenty of scope for where you plug the unit into and where you place it around the bed.


8. We suggest placing the thumbwheel control near the pillows to ensure it can found in the dark without having to search. The thumbwheel turns the unit on and off and allows you to vary the speed of the fan and air flow. Expect for the very warmest nights you will be surprised how little the fan has to blow to keep you cool.