Q. Does the system need to be placed at the foot of the bed?

A. No the unit is very flexible, it can be placed on the side or the foot of the bed. The airflow will find its own natural course under the covers. For the most even flow it should be placed at the foot of the bed in the middle.


Q. Is it expensive to run?

A. No the system draws very little power and can be run for 10 hours for less than 2p.


Q. Can you vary the airflow if it is too strong.

A. Yes the system has a fingertip controller which will allow you to turn it on and off and vary the speed of the flow from a whisper to a blast of cooler air.


Q. Does the unit have a guarantee?

A. Yes the unit comes with a 2 year unconditional guarantee.


Q. Does the unit come in other colours?

A. No to keep costs down it comes in the standard colour only.


Q. Will the system work abroad?

A. Yes you can use the system anywhere in the world and it will adapt its operation to suit the voltage available. You will require a plug adaptor as you would for any UK appliance.