Why the world needs Ezeenites

Having lived in the USA for 6 years and having had the luxury of air conditioning, my wife and I returned to the UK and missed the comfort that being cool at night gave us.

I have spent 3 years examining and trying all options in an attempt to achieve the similar results to the costly air-conditioning systems. From ceiling fans to pedestal fans and water based air coolers, we tried and tested them all. Most fans give some benefit but they also cause a degree of buffeting and noise. To gain maximum benefit from the airflow the skin surface of the body needs to be exposed, which defeats the comfort goal. We even thought about air conditioning for the bedroom but the cost of installation and operation were too much. As well as this the noise of operation offset any cooling benefit. So having tried all viable options I set about developing my own solution.

My focus was to design a system that is as close to noiseless as possible, is reasonably priced, draws the minimum of power and allows the user to stay covered and asleep in operation. I also wanted to keep the installation and operation as simple as possible. I spent the first 18 months in my workshop developing approaches and testing fans and control systems of all kinds and ways to ensure the system was noiseless.

Having determined the basis of design I teamed up with a company, Cube3, who had taken raw designs and worked through the process of turning them into products. We worked through 15 designs and 3 eventual prototypes before we struck upon the eventual design.

How the Ezeenites Nite Fan Works The general reason for a sleep space being too hot is the heat
generated by the body has no means of escape. The temperature builds up, as does the humidity, within the bed. In tests we have seen beds, with two adults sleeping, achieve temperatures of more than 91 degrees F. With the introduction of the Ezeenites Nite Fan we have been able to drop that temperature to 72 degrees F in less than 4 minutes, without disturbing the sleepers.

The Ezeenites Nite Fan delivers lower temperature air from outside the bed space into the sleep space, the space between the top and bottom covers. We use a low voltage blower fan that delivers a broad spectrum of air movement from 8 cubic feet per minute to 60 cubic f
eet per minute.

Through testing and trial we have devised the perfect combination of fan and control to achieve the best effects. The blower fan has a high static head, meaning that if a blockage to the airflow happens it will continue to blow and find a way of delivering the air. The controller is sensitive and unobtrusive, allowing fingertip adjustment.


The system is compact and with the specially designed hose and air delivery head the spectrum of effects available range from a gentle flow to a solid blast of cool air, on the hotter summer nights.